5 Quick Tips On Social Prospecting

In 2016, prospecting has been entirely revolutionized! Social media are everywhere and offer a high targeted source of leads. With the use of complex algorithm and the Artificial Intelligence new prospecting tools can nowadays extract those leads and make them exportable to any CRM or CSV files. Welcome to the area of Smart Prospecting.


Targeted audience

Social media websites are more and more specialized by topics, regions or professions. Successful sales reps knows the secret behind it and buckle up to hunt down their target audience social media. For instance, you are looking for VP of sales in Germany, make a search on Xing! You want to sell to SMEs in France, have a ride on Viadeo.


Accurate Data

Another strength of social media is to offer accurate data. People continuously keep updating their social profiles (Email addresses, phone numbers, working position,etc.) which is vital in this competitive era of sales prospecting. Certain industries, such as SaaS, Consulting, Media and Advertising are getting very high turnover rates.  Keep a hawk’s eye on their social profiles and import the data directly to your CSV or synchronise directly within your CRM platform. It all happens with just a simple baby click.


Save your time

Screening and prospecting alone on social media is highly effective especially with the advanced search one can narrow down the target audience based on the position, location, industry etc. If these search results have to be imported manually the process will take the sales team around the circles of same static nucleus of low productivity.

As a brilliant solution, smart sales reps use advance prospecting softwares to get the task done and it makes them up to 45% of their time. This saved time can be utilized on cold calling and further stages of lead engagement.


Cloud based

Modern prospecting is also making data exportable to any cloud based CRM or CSV file. Cloud based solutions are making the life of sales reps super fast and easier. Information is reachable everywhere within the teams and yes, in the real time.



screenshot-docs.google.com 2016-04-07 11-33-41

Salestools.io – #1 Customer Acquisition Platform is the must have tool for a smart prospecting campaign. The plug-in extract data from social media websites like Linkedin, Viadeo,GitHub, Twitter, Xing, CrunchBase. The leads can be exported directly as a CSV or to various CRM platforms like Salesforce, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, Zoho and many more.

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