7 min to find email addresses using a foolproof prospecting software

In 2016, do you want to skyrocket your sales, grow your business and meet your KPIs? Well, the answer is too obvious. In this blog you will know how to do take your business to new heights!

If you are a true salesperson, simplicity is your best friend! You go straight to the point and avoid any complex system that slow you down. That’s why you love foolproof online sales tools that simplify and improve our activities.

Stop waiting!

If your company grows you will experience the stage of generating urgently new leads. All successful sales team go through this stage but only the best one succeed it. The common mistake of growing companies is to hire a bunch of outbound sales prospector and asking them to call 9 hours a day and waiting for the leads to come. And waiting! Quite often this strategy is time consuming, very costly and not very efficient. The main problem concerns the quality of data in companies database.

Good news for you –  artificial Intelligence and social media are revolutionizing the sales prospecting and offering you a great solution with prospecting tools.

Accurate Data

Prospecting software are completely disrupting the sales industry by offering accurate & up to date data using extensively social media websites as a data source. Using the right prospecting tool can save more than 45% of time of sales reps while providing a 65% accuracy of data. Salestools.io – #1 Customer Acquisition Platform extract up to 80% verified email addresses.

Cloud based solution

The best prospecting tools in the market are synchronised with most of CRMs and CSV files which permit to export data in one click and start sales campaigns right away. With prospecting software you quickly generate accurate data while saving your time and accelerating your sales. Stop waiting and start your sales journey with the right prospecting software that work for you!

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