image123Any business in the beginning is like a tiny plant. It requires proper care in the form of vision, planning and strategy. There are certain aspects that are needed to be considered for instance – lead generation, outbound marketing, email campaign and many more. Today a quick intro on some very killer steps before you start an email campaign. Here we go:

  1. Source of leads/list of emails:

LinkedIn provides a platform full of opportunities for prospecting and lead generation. In order to do so, you will have to put in service some extra tools to access personal emails or paid LinkedIn subscription. For that, Salestools comes up with a brilliant and highly productive solution.


  1. Catchy email templates:

There are various ways to yield successful results from your email marketing campaign. You can do it own your own or you can access ready-made templates available on the internet that suits your needs. Irrespective of the option that you may opt for, just make sure you follow the main rules of crafting a sales email:


– it should be short and more focused on your main message and make it as straightforward as possible. Nevertheless, make sure that you are providing the necessary data that brings clarity about your offer.


– it should talk about bringing benefit to the customer. Precisely tell your prospects the advantage of goods or service you want them to buy, keep the offer simple and clear.


– must be personal. Make sure it doesn’t sound like a robot; there is no better way to generate a lead than without referring to them personally


– it should be easy to respond. Do not ask for a lot, its not a genuine way to start a warm and promising seller-client relationship


– subject and body should be in tune. Your subject should reveal the nature of the email and the service you are offering


  1. Business Email Account

Irrespective of the fact, that this suggestion is quite obvious, but hardly people do notice it. Therefore, sometimes, when you open your spam folder you can see emails without corporate domains. Before starting the outbound sales, ensure that you have registered with a separate email domain that would contain your and your company’s name.


  1. Bring value for your customers

In a stage of turning the cold leads into your loyal clients, it always depends on the value that you bring to the person you are contacting. Make sure you provide them something they are in need of. For example, some pieces of advice, free offers and even added value are good when your customers can gain from it.


Creating value for your clients makes a bond of trust and respect that further turns your cold prospects into warm leads that are ready to buy from you and usually recommend you among their friends and contacts.


  1. Analysis

During the sales campaign, it is highly important to measure the performance and analyse the statistics of the campaign. Also, it would be significant to devote your time to evaluate changes in your prospect’s database, and analyse the efficiency of your conversion rates. You can also analyze the statistics on separate templates and delivery rates in a campaign.


Salestools Tip:
After analysis, you must have find the loopholes in your campaign. In order to improvise your email campaign, carry out split tests on your subject lines and email copies. Segment your prospects into different structures. Be personalized as much is possible. The more personal email you compose, more sales will land eventually and ultimately more revenues in the company’s pocket.

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