How to improve your sales?

Marketing concept: target and Sales Increase on wall background

Sales skills are fundamentals in today’s business world. Every positions require a sales driven mind as companies need to be more and more customer centric. Even if we heard a lot about inbound marketing nowadays, selling is still what bring you direct revenue and need to be done the right way.

Learn right now the 3 best practices to improve your sales

Invest in a combination of before-sales needs analysis.

Top performers invest a lot on the before sales analysis to save them time and be more cost efficient. The best BDR spend twice much time on before sales needs analysis  than the others. Selling means selling a product/service/idea to a targeted audience that meet specific characteristics. Those characteristics are defined in your buyer persona stage. Salespersons who can challenge their customers to think differently about their business and offer them a constructive analysis appear to be 3 times more likely to perform better than the others (the “Challenger Rep). Do your research about your customers using social media websites. Your customer are over there and put very important data about their needs, buying behaviour and buying journey. The best way to extract those data is to use a lead generation software. The best software on the market extract accurate data on targeted social media and make them exportable to various CRM Modern prospecting.

Best sales person strategize their selling approach

Selling to a customer is a process of asking (questions), listening (answers) and arguing. You cannot convince your customer if you did not ask questions and listen their answers. When the 2 first step are done then you convince him your product will solve his biggest needs. For the convincing stage you need to define what is the core value of your product, your competitive advantages and you need to find innovative ways to overcome customer objections.

Salespeople spend more time preparing their pitch and arguments than presenting their solution. Nowadays strategizing is the key success factor of a great sales pitch.  

Top performers stay close to customers even after sales

The best sales persons continue to nurture relationship with customers even after closing the deal. You close one deal, Great! Have you covered all needs of your customers? No! They are infinite. The best is to ask your customer about your performance. Stay close to him and ask his feedback. Create a form where you ask him about what you did great, and what you can improve. Your customers have maybe the key to boost your business by creating new opportunities.

You can as well ask him if he has new challenges, goals, and needs uncovered. You close one, you definitely do better.

Buyers are looking to learn something new and useful, and they expect salespeople to come to the table with some real insight about their business. Align your customer with a strategic-partnership approach and stay in touch with them even after the deal.

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