5 Amazing Tips For Sales Acceleration Every Sales Person Must Have

top-5-tipsFor sales reps, customer’s objections always like hedgehogs. The increasing cut throat competition in the quality and pricing makes buyer more choosy. The goal of a sales rep has to come up with a convincing response to these hurdles standing between the potential sale. A research shows that a sales conversation always contains at least one objection. In this article, we will put an insight on some of the most common objections like decision making, value proposition, pricing, urgency and lack of availability from the buyer’s perspective and how to come over it.



  • Decision Making: I’m not authorised for this



Any potential client making a statement of consulting his senior, partner is somewhere an indirect indication that the person is not very much impressed and is not ready to buy at that moment. As a sales rep, you must always respect the opinion and position of that person and explore an opportunity to reach out to the decision maker. Identify one concern at a time and sort that out before jumping into the another one. Instead of accepting  their “no” as a final response – keep the conversation moving on and find out the problems that they are facing – now present them the solutions you can offer and here we can book a call, webinar or  a meeting with the decision maker(s).


  1. Pricing: It’s too expensive for us


Regardless of the industry, pricing is the most frequent challenge sales reps all around the globe face. Even if the services are at a very reasonable price, human nature of bargaining always comes into the surface – it also depends on the demography and culture of the region you are targeting. Many sales persons offers a discount that seeds a question  in the mind of the buyer about the quality of the product. Instead of offering discount in the early stage of conversation, explore the more creative and practical ways to present the value to their business.


  1. Value Proposition: We may consider


In B2B sales, value proposition is comprised of certain factors such as price, time, market scenario and strategy of the company. If your buyer is not seeing the value of your services, you should start a more open and genuine conversation to help him. Here you can know more about his business cycle and make a quick assessment of how your services can help him achieve better results. Knowing all these aspects you can convince him the added value your product will bring to his company.


  1. Urgency: We don’t need at this moment


People usually don’t want to change or try new services and to come out of their comfort zone. It’s the task of sales rep to convince them. Provide them current trends and facts in the industry and if needed make them understand the stance of their competitors and how they are taking advantage for business growth.


5.Lack of Availability: We are too busy


You’ve mostly heard by the buyers to “Contact them at any specific time in future.” In such a situation, you need to present in such a way that they might regret if they lose this opportunity. Make the sales process simple and present some attractive offers that are available for a short period of time. Convince them the advantage of buying the product now instead of acquiring in future. Simplify the buying process as much as you can and address their current business problems.


Salestools Tip:
As a sales person, it’s very important to create a rapport and build a relationship based on trust. Put yourself in the customer’s place and look at the problems from his perspective. This way you can present the features that address their needs and are beneficial to them. These seemingly little perks makes the buyer assured that they are making the right decision and builds a trust that is beginning of a healthy relationship.

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