4 Secrets every startups should know to reach the right influencers


Social media has revolutionized the way companies approach their customers. In the same time new customer behaviour appears. Number of reviews, number of “stars”, who is promoting this product/service, how many views has the “ad”, are new indicators that help today’s customers to find the right product/service.

One of the crucial point of this social media marketing war is the the amazing importance of influencers in success of most of startups.

92% of customers look for referrals from sources they they trust. When you have in mind this figure you understand the importance of being backed by a niche influencer that promote and reinforce trust into your brand/product/service/solution.

However finding and reaching the right influencer is not easy, and worse is to convince him to bet his social media reputation and his name with your product/service.

BUT if you read fully this article you will then know the 4 secrets to determine, find & persuade the right influencer to follow and back your brand.


  1. Determine what do you want: Influencers won’t automatically increase revenue right away. You have to think and strategize for the long run. First build awareness around your brand by using some influencers to spread the right word around your vision, product, team, solution, etc. Then use this new brand awareness to grow your list of subscribers and inbound leads and develop your social media activity.                                
  2. Pick the right one: It is crucial to find the right influencer that match with your philosophy, organizational culture, solution and customer spirits. Find the superstar that your dream clients respect and trust and is connected to your brand in one way. For that you need to really understand your target audience and hunt where they spend their time. Is your dream client on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook? Is your dream client more sensible of videos, writings, articles, white papers, presentation, infographics? You need to ask yourself that kind of questions to determine which influencers will have the best/important impact on your targeted audience.                     
  3. Find the right contact: Influencers have different sized and different level of interest. First you have to scores and grades each influencer according to a very specific and custom scale. When the scoring and grading step is done you can start prospecting and extracting their contact info. For that you only need to use a modern prospecting tool also call email finder tool that extract contact info of a specific audience on social media websites. The best on the market nowadays is certainly salestools.io or salesfinder.io as they provide up to 80% accurate contact info and make those data exportable to Salesforce, Zappier (+70CRMs) or CSV files.                                                        
  4. Nurture relationship with your influencers: The final step is maybe the most important one as it will help you to build a soft and natural approach. Indeed nothing worse than a cold message. First you need to follow them on their social media profiles, then you can make comments, like their posts and show interest in what they are doing. When the very soft approach is completed you can send them a very personalized email explaining what you are doing and why he/she should engage its reputation with your solution.

If you take the time to build a trustful relationship with your dream clients then the everything is possible, especially for a startup that follow a freemium business or a C2C platform.  Do your homework on the best influencers, generate the right contact info using an email finder tool and then reach out.

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