How to structure your sales prospecting process?


Researches and especially the one of the Sales Management Association show that following a very structured sales process can increase sales performance by 16% and 30% in profits. The easiest way is to implement  a sales structure is I think at the top of you sales funnel which means at the sales prospecting stage. This stage determine your process on how to generate lead and will determine further the responding ratio of your email campaign.  

In this article I will share with you how I passed from my first early adopters to 10k customers.

Step 1: Identify Your Buyer Persona

The best way to understand, define and clarify your Buyer Persona is to look at the basics of your current customers and group them around a fictive N°1 dream client. The basics of your customers can be very general characteristics such as job title, industry, locations, age, or more specific one that makes sense with your business.

Linkedin is a great help for this tasks by using the advanced research. Hubspot propose as well extensive lessons about Buyer Persona with very good templates and infographics.

Step 2: Trigger Events

Triggering events indicates you when there is a need for your solution. This process help you to prioritize potential customers who have the most immediate need for your product. Great tool to automate that is to use Google News, Google Alerts, Techcrunch, Linkedin or Angellists. You then just have to choose the right one that fit with your buyer persona!

Step 3: Use Lead Generation Software

Then you need to generate high quality leads and pre-qualify your leads before storing them in your CRM.

The best way to process is to use social media where you know your prospect spend their time and extract their contact info. Indeed using social media is very important as they offer a very up to date and accurate pool of data. Prospect update themselves their info and add more and more info day after day.

Lead generation software then will make all targeted prospects data easy to extract and export to various CRMs in a simple click. Forget the hardcore process of extracting manually all email addresses of your prospects and storing them in a CSV file. Today’s technology offer us very foolproof tools that automate sales process.

The best software on the market right now is certainly as it permits to extract 500 contact info with an accurate verified email addresses rate of 80%. Moreover they are integrated with +70 CRMs.

Salestools tips:

  • Define your targeted audience
  • Trigger Events
  • Use lead generation software

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