How to Go to Market with a low Sales/Marketing budget?


  1. First you have to know by heart your Buyer Persona

You might have already a rough idea of who you are targeting and who might be interested by your product. Great but it is not enough! Building, analyzing and improving your buyer persona is key to build a winning marketing/sales strategy with a low budget.

You cannot sell your product everywhere to everyone! The best is to nail your specific niche and then expand your market when you are recognized as a leader.

First thing first you need to fully understand who are your dream customer in terms of demographic, social, professional, needs, goals criterias. Deeper is your understanding, more efficient will be your strategy and higher will be your ROI.

Here a quick process to build your Buyer Persona:

1) Look at similar trend among your existing pool of customers

2) Browse on related groups on social media to determine some general trends

3) Build a form on your website to catch personal informations about your visitors (Use Google Analytics as well)

4) Propose subscriber sign up for free content (personal info)

5) Ask feedback to your sales team about leads

6) Ask your existing customer (interview, phone call, skype, email) for feedback


  1. Build Content

Building content is a necessary first step in your marketing/sales process. Without content there is no successful social media strategies. For that create a blog tab on your website and start writing content in relation with your business.

There are 3 types of content:

  • First start writing about tips on “how to” improve processes, methodologies and give valuable tips. This content has to be informational and give a real input to readers. No need to self advertise as those article will be published on your blog and has to sharable by everyone interested in your specific industry. Then later on you will be able to use that kind of content for guest blog posting (offering content to other blogs in regards to drive traffic from other sources).
  • Second start writing about processes & methodologies related to your business by implementing some self-advertisement about your business, product, companies. This kind of content can be publish on external blogs (Disqus, Livejournal, WordPress, etc.)
  • Third content is focus on yourself, your product, your company and your key strength in relation with a  specific industry subject. This content can be share on social media or for social bookmarking strategies (microblogs such as Quora, Reddit, Delicious, etc.)


  1. Share on Social Media

Time to make your content alive and spread it to your early community. Without sharing and using social media, your content has no value. The number of views, share, re-tweet, like, etc give the real value of your content. Using social media automation tools such as Buffer is highly recommended as it will help you to schedule your posts, track them, analyze their impact, do some A/B testing and finally improve them.

Sharing on the right social media website is essential to avoid wasting time. Specify on your Buyer Persona which social media networks is the most frequently used and impactful for your dream customers.

  1. Growth hack on social bookmarking sites

Very cost effective new marketing process is to use social bookmarking site to promote your business while answering or commenting related questions/posts of users. Having a successful social bookmarking strategy require the following:

  • The right group with active users who fit your buyer persona,
  • Answers to post has to bring a deep and constructive solution in relation with the question/post.
  • Posts has to be interested for the overall community or subcommunity (pain points, benefits, new trends, news and so on).
  • Posts has to incent the community to answer, discuss and share them

Bookmarking strategies are nowadays very powerful as they offer you a great way to touch a large pool of potential customers, improve your SEO ranking on google while attracting potential inbound leads. Quora, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon are very generic social bookmarking sites but more specific one exist.

  1. Generate outbound leads and start your sales campaign

Now you have knowledge about your customers and you have enough content to attract them on your website. Next step is about contacting those who did not came by themselves on your website. In other word you are ready for hardcore outbound selling!

However before sending any emails or calling, you first need to build a contact list of your dream clients.

For that you first have to hunt on social media and social media groups where your potential customers are. This task is call social prospecting and start to be the way of getting leads for marketing & sales campaigns. Professional social media websites are the most useful one to gain contact info, as users fill their profile with true information and update it constantly.

Then contact info of your prospect has to be exported to a CSV file or CRM to start and manage your campaign. Extracting manually all those data is very time consuming and can be done in a single click using social prospecting software such as Those software will help you to extract contact info of your targeted prospects on social media and export them on any CSV file or CRMs.

When you have a database full of accurate and targeted leads, you can start cold emailing and cold calling with the confidence of someone who have already won prospecting sales tools.


6- Hunt review websites & ask for reviews

Having your website on review sites is key to increase your SEO ranking and building your reputation. Nowadays the whole customer journey is based on reviews. Thus having good reviews is crucial to attract new customers.

  • Hunt very professional review websites related to your business and create an account with full details, videos and screenshots.
  • Ask to your happy customers to post a review in exchange of free credits, after sales services, etc.
  • Focus your happy customer reviews on 2 – 3 websites, to have a large number of reviews, and then share your profile on social media.
  • Create company profile on all other review websites to increase your SEO ranking.


Salestools tips:

  1. First you have to know by heart your Buyer Persona
  2. Build Content
  3. Share on Social Media
  4. Growth hack on social bookmarking sites
  5. Generate outbound leads and start your sales campaign

6- Hunt review websites & ask for reviews or use our email finder tool.

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