PUCCKA & BANTE are not military terms, they are innovative sales strategies used by sales driven companies and successful Palo Alto tech startups to close more deals! Each methodology takes into account the different approach of the sales strategies. Both strategies can be implemented to generate high synergies.

Keith M Eades, in 2003 published a sales game-changing book named “The New Solution Selling”. These two strategies were born out of the basic pain points that were faced in the process of sales such as budget, insights, timeline etc.

Here you will find out how to combine these two solutions selling into a LinkedIn integrated methodology.

A new Sales Strategy

The Book published by Eades aims at refining sales methodologies. Common sales tactics include selling to the solution, however today’s sellers have adapted it to the modern buyer trends. Originally the theory of solution selling was to transform the salesperson into an authority, to educate the customer regarding the best usage of the solution.

In today’s era the buyer has prominent control over the market. Accordingly new kind of selling tactics must be invented in order to deal with the modern generations. Eades understood the changing mentality of the new generation and published a book, which focuses on collaborative selling in a world driven by buyers.

LinkedIn & Solution Selling

Some tips in order to make a strong connection:

1) Build your brand awareness using this social network by providing information, discussion forum and so on. This increase the rate of views, brand reputation and brings new contacts.

2) Trail the news using Newsle, a LinkedIn integrated application. It will lead to the identification of various Pain Points that are being addressed there and will help the sales rep to adjust his given answers, in order to fit with the current discussions.

PUCCKA Methodology

Founded by a successful American entrepreneur, Mark Suster, PUCCKA is the acronym for Pain, Unique selling proposition, Compelling event, Champion, Key players, and Aligned purchasing process.

PUCCKA aims at touching any issue regarding the sales operations.

In short the PUCCKA process starts with the Pain of the customer where the sales rep has to identify what is the real need for the solution and then go through the next stages. Unique Selling Proposition highlights what makes your product unique. Emphasize your Compelling Event, which are external factors that push your prospect to kick off a project promptly. Reach out Champions who represent persons who have both “influence” and “authority” in the company to give final approval on the project. Leverage Key Players (persons involved in the sales process such as experts, sponsors, influencers). Finally Align the Purchasing Process, which represent the moment when your customer are ready to buy and you are ready to sell sales prospecting software.

One of the main strength of the PUCCKA process is to make a connection between your purchasing process and the customer needs. This method shows that pushing to close a deal while a customer is not ready to buy, can lead to negative effects on the current sales relationship and hinder future opportunities.

LinkedIn & PUCCKA

1) Keep looking for recent updates by the prospects and be on the hunt for those words that suggests future buying habits. For example: “I want that”, ”I need it”, etc.

2) It is always good to ask open-ended questions to a number of prospects in a public forum for getting to know the type of issues or pain points. When a specific issue is coming again and again from different prospects then tap on it and convert it to your opportunity.

3) Identification of the “big fish” from the list of the prospects and then set an update for status alerts regarding their discussions or anything in LinkedIn. They are the most likely candidates who will buy from your company and influence the others.

BANTE Methodology

Corey Eastman, a Canadian Business Developer discovered BANTE. BANTE consolidates part of PUCCKA’s points and gives light to the five main factors that sways to draw the main contents of high level sales namely: Timeline, Authority, Budget, Criteria for evaluation and necessity.

Eastman mentions that, similar to PUCCKA, BANTE push sales reps to search prospects’ information to place them in a good position during the ongoing sales process. Investigations and planning regarding Prospect is key in the social age. This helps salespersons to forecast actions in accordance with the potential customer. Conversely reaching out to prospects without any firm knowledge may damage the faith with them and the reputation of the company.

LinkedIn & BANTE

The secret success of BANTE is based on convincing prospects you are an expert in your field by gathering useful information about the potential customer, industry, product, etc.

  1. Find out mutual connections via the new Sales Navigator’s Lead Recommendations. Build a very customized database using this feature to keep your sales effort focus on your targeted audience.
  2. Document the activity of people who are interacting with your prospect. Are they competitors, influencers, co-workers, entry-level apprentices, etc? If your prospect shares or likes various articles of the same source then sales rep should as well show interest about the same source.

Salestools Tips

  • Amplify the PUCCKA & BANTE methodology by using a lead generation tool
  • Customize and track your interactions with your prospects using Sequences feature on Salestools.io
  • Extract information about Prospects, Champions, Key Player on LinkedIn and export them on various CRM using salestools

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