5 Sales Bloggers Every Sales Reps Should Follow – Part 2


After Episode 1

Who is Disrupting the Sales Industry?

In this second episode we will focus again on sales bloggers who are revolutionizing the sales process and methodology and pushing the research in this specific field. Salestools.io – Outbound Sales Acceleration is always looking for new processes and features, develop by sales researchers, to help its valuable customers to hit their quota!


Episode 2: 5 Sales Bloggers Every Sales Reps Should Follow

Matt Heinz


Very prolific author and sales blogger Matt Heinz has more than 15 years of marketing, business development and sales experience from various organizations in different industries with diverse sizes.

He always delivered remarkable results in terms of greater sales, revenue growth and customer loyalty.

The sales process Matt Heinz defend and promote is very simple and efficient. First you have to determine what is your objectives & what is your success. Second build a crystal clear customer profile. Third map your sales and buying process using the following scheme Pain – Solution – Objective. Fourth score your leads, execute and build relationship.

Matt’s company, Heinz Marketing, is specialized in strategic customer acquisition and retention strategy and execution.

Visit www.heinzmarketing.comTwitter: @HeinzMarketing LinkedIn: mattheinz


Geoffrey James


Famous sales contributor at Inc.com, Geoffrey always offer a very sharp and original point of view on business in his articles. Quite provocative, his vision of sales best practices has emphasized the decreasing importance of cold calling in today’s society in his famous “Cold Calling is a Waste of Time” article in Inc.com. Indeed he highlights that prospects and decision makers have changed their behaviour while receiving a call from someone they don’t know which has turned cold calling into an inefficient sales process in comparison of emails. If you’re looking for a sales management blog that propose original content and gets straight to the point, Sales Source is for you!  

Visit Sales Source Twitter: @Sales_Source  LinkedIn: Geoffrey James


Jill Konrath


Jill Konrath is a multi awarded sales speakers and bloggers by top rewards websites such as TopSalesWorld, OpenView Labs,  InsideView, etc. Sales management is her field, “sales effectiveness” and “agile selling” are her keywords. In Jill’s blog, she highlights the “How-to” process of selling. If you need advice about how to prospect, start sales relationship, handle objections, or lead a demo, her blog is the place to be. Moreover she emphasize the “smart” way of selling using different methodologies and tricks (monotasking, prioritizing, connecting,etc.).

Visit Jill Konrath Twitter: @jillkonrath  LinkedIn: Jill Konrath

Lori Richardson


Lori is the CEO of Score More Sales and is recognized on forbes as one of the “Top 30 Social Sales Influencers” worldwide. Lori Richardson  has always emphasized the multifaceted (email, phone call, referrals, social media,etc.) approach of B2B sales prospecting. Moreover sales prospecting planification is the key to perform in your sales job! So when you arrive the morning you should know exactly by what you start, what’s next and what you do later on. No improvisation, only planification. Lori has accumulated a large knowledge about sales and provide very high quality tips on her blog. Very recommended blog.  Visit: www.scoremoresales.com Twitter: @scoremoresales LinkedIn: scoremoresales


Dave Stein


Dave stein has a really untypical profile. First he got graduated in music and then switch to computer science. He founded & run the ES Research Group, the Gartner of sales training, for 8 years. Dave is now leading sales acceleration-related projects with IT companies he has invested in. His major book is certainly Beyond the Sales Process (2016) in which he highlights the best practices of 3 steps sales process (before, during and after sales). His main idea is a successful sales campaign has to start by a good understanding of the prospects and very good pre-qualification of leads. During the sales stage, sales reps has to build a trusted relationship with their prospect. The after sales stage is dedicated to nurture relationship, get feedback and find new potential needs, in current customers, that could be solved by the actual product linkedin for sales prospecting.

Visit: www.DaveStein.biz Twitter: @davestei LinkedIn: davestei

Episode 3 is on track, but you will have to wait to see who will be highlighted!



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