Sales Checkup: Out with the old, in with the new!


Are you behind your sales goals or do you think you will finish the year sharing bottles of champagne with your CEO?

The first six months of 2016 have flown by so fast and it seems it was just yesterday we were building our 2016 KPIs, objectives and strategizing our action plan to achieve them.

Sales leaders are not paid for setting the goals! Achievement is the key, that’s why your company is paying you for and it will determine your level of commission.


Sales top performers use extensively mid-year check-ups regarding their accomplishments, objectives and unforecasted challenges they had to face during the last six months in order to perform better for the next half year. The check-up is not and should never be a punishment, blame, or excuse; but has to be seen as a renewal, correction, or replacement.


A methodology, so call 4-R Goal Review, has recently emerged in order to transform your mid-year check-up into a very productive and efficient strategy sales road map.


  1. Review

Take a deep look into the executed actions, the used metrics, and behaviors. Review and identify strictly and impartially if they are on track, or not! For each goal: Renew, Revise, and/or Replace.


  1. Renew

If your objective is still relevant and your action plan is still applicable then ask for renewed commitment, time-frame, and activities toward the objective. Renew the compensation that will be received when the goal will be achieved.


  1. Revise

If the objective is no longer achievable or the plan needs adjustments, revise. Ensure the target objective set up today is realistic according to the actual environment and by taking into consideration the issues faced during the first half year.


  1. Replace

If the objective does not make sense anymore for the company, remove and replace it by a new one. The new objective has to be meaningful, timely, and specific for the targeted business.

What’s next?

  • Schedule immediately a joint monthly 4-R Goal Review for the remainder of the year.
  • Celebrate objectives achieved and progress toward the rest.
  • Commit to the support or resources needed to achieve new objectives such as training, tools, marketing support, and so on.
  • Make your objectives as transparent as possible and determine how to keep them visible.

Schedule now the time for this sales mid-year checkup with your team and you’ll be celebrating December 31st with the highest bonus.


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